The Carp Co
Bourne Valley Fish Farm, Hamptons Road Hadlow, Tonbridge Kent TN11 9RG United Kingdom 01732 243434

Sales Hotline 01732 243434

Sales Hotline 01732 243434

Monday - Saturday 8:30 - 5:30

Quality English Bred Pond Fish Delivered To Your Door
Quality English Bred Pond Fish Delivered
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The Team

The CrewJack Nicklin

Jack is one of the most versatile and intelligent people that you will ever meet. He has a mind full of useless information and can remember every bit of it when required. Nothing is a problem for Jack and that is why he spends most of his time sorting other peoples problems! He may be the shortest and turns into a right 'Diva' when he is hungry but he is also indispensable and a great General Manager!

Stuart Watson

Stuart came to us in 2009 following a 2 year HND at Hadlow College. Despite limited experience, he quickly filled the role required and has become a great asset to the farm. The fish man who keeps his cool even when we throw everything at him at once. Any more laid back and I think his heart would stop. He always smiles no matter the weather and the jibes from us in the warm office! The man is most definitely 'a machine'!

Sean Miller

Sean has now completed his time at Hadlow and has returned to the fold. He is a little wiser but still the same old Sean, however, we we are not sure where he got his penchant ladies trousers and interesting hairstyles from. It is great to have him back and I know that it is good for Stuart to have someone he can trust to lean on. Welcome back Sean!

The crew

Natalie King

Natalie has been, well and truly, dropped in the deep end since starting with us in February 2016. After Jess left to live with her family down under, Natalie had large shoes to fill and I can honestly say that she has coped amazingly. What a star! It now feels as though she has been office manager here forever.

Vicky Gee and Ellie Bowdrey

If you phone your orders in or make an enquiry, your call will often be answered by one of these lovely ladies. They are always cheerful and helpful, and are learning very fast. Don't be scared to ask them technical questions as anything they don't know, they will certainly find out the answer for you.

Andrew Lintott

Andy is Managing Director and founder of the company. Since 1995, he has gone from 7 day a week fish farmer to office boy. He now seems to spend 12 hours a day in front of a computer or on the phone. His love of fish is still there but now he finds the whole job a bit wet and cold! He still dreams of retiring to the Caribbean but every year seems to get further away from it!