Small Goldfish Variety Pond Selection Pack #NC

Price from £32.62

Quantity Price per Item
1+ Items£42.07
2+ Items£37.57
5+ Items£32.62

In this selection pack, you will receive the following fish - 

10 x 3-4" Red Goldfish

5 x 3-4" Sarasa Comets

5 x 3-4" Shubunkins

Red Goldfish

These goldfish are huge for a 3-4" mix and are a fantastic colour. They are not like the insipid imported fish that you see usually for sale. These are big, fat and colourful.

Sarasa Comets

A stunning mix of Blood Red and White Sarasa Goldfish.


These Shubs are a lovely mix of colours. They have some stunning Blues and Reds with Black and White markings as well. 

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