21.5" (55cm) High Quality Shusui Female Y1312A


21.5" (55cm) Shusui Female

This Koi is a Little more special than we are used to at the farm, but it's a great example of some of the Higher Quality Koi that are at the Yoshikigoi farm in Poland. They may make a larger hole in your pocket but are truly worth every penny.

The Carp Co. are very happy to be stocking some of the best Koi available in Europe, thanks to their partnership with Yoshikigoi in Poland. Yoshilkigoi are also the only Koi farm in mainland Europe certified SVC and KHV free which has allowed them to gain clearance to export their Koi into the UK. 

The few Koi that you see here is just the start and we will be adding to them over the comming weeks as new Shipments arrive.

We only have ONE of each of these beautiful fish.

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