3-4" (7-10cm) Gudgeon

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We are very pleased to now be able to offer Gudgeon in good numbers. We should hopefully have these available all year this year.

They are a good 3-4" and are beautiful strong fish so grab them while you can. 


  • by Miss H

    I bought some of these fish as I new the Heron Master fisher, would not see them so much as koi or goldfish. I had twelve to start with along with sticklebacks & minnows now my smaller fish have done extremely well But my larger fish have struggled to stay alive due to my neighbour putting some water from her pond into mine. sadly she brought the dreaded green algae. Something I had never before had. only green water. which this year was treated a new treatment. it went and my fish were as frisky as when I bought them. But then I noticed my net was damaged. and my fish were disappearing at first I kept my eyes open for the heron. but no it was a Cat it started to come when it was dark. it would sit by the side close to the edge so it could claw the fish out as they came close to the top.
    one night I heard what I thought was an owl and I first thought it might be that fishing for its food as owls have been known to take fish when hungry. ANYWAY I still have five Gudgeon all the rest are fine and growing at a rate of knots, they all stay under the plants and my lily's so the cats etc now don't get a look in. I also have two cat scarers they Do Work. so I am pleased with my fish. they were very healthy when they came and are very much that way now. even if I have lost a few along my bumpy road. I was surprised at how fast they came the packaging was clean. and the fish were packed individually in air filled bags. As the cardboard box they arrived in was large enough. for them all. I was extremely pleased with my buy and I would go to them again. as my pond shall be hopefully up and running. correctly by the summer of 019. Thank you CarpCo for my sale of fish. a very Happy new year and a good year for you and the Company.


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